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  • Round Hole Perforated Sheet
Punching plate
Please note that we do not stock finished materials. We customize each order to meet your specificneeds. Patterns may not be available for all materials and gauges. Please contact us for further assistancewith selecting yourpatterns
  • Round Hole Perforated Sheet
  • Round Holes are the most popular shape and give you the widest selection of diameters, gauges, materials and sheet size options. Holes are in staggered row (most popular) or straight row patterns.

    Perforated Size: From 0,5 mm. to 120 mm.
    Sheet Thickness: From 0,5 mm to 20 mm. (depending on perforation)
    Size: 2,000*6,000 mm. wide in sheets (depending on perforation).
    Other types of perforation on request.

    Above sheet thickness and sizes vary according to the perforated mesh sizes.